Friends of Finished Product LLC

Finished Product LLC is very loyal to other local small businesses, so check back often. Friends of FP is updated regularly.

Finished Product LLC is pleased to be associated with Hemeon Studios Inc., founded and operated by Jolene Hemeon and her family. In addition to traditional painting, Jolene puts her fine arts gift to work offering clients color consultations, amazing faux finishes and fine arts painting classes held at her Northern Virginia studio. Check out Hemeon Studios web site and, if you contact her for some of her specialized services, please let her know Tom sent you!

Claire and Tom have known each other for decades. She has a B.A. in Public Communications and a Certificate in Graphic Design, both of which she earned while raising three young children. Marketing for small business has always been Claire's true passion, but she has a natural curiosity about technology and an ability to translate technical documentation created by computer scientists, developers, and engineers into understandable bits of information for end users. Her role as a Senior Technical Trainer and Writer served Claire well and took her to far flung places on the planet. She currently lives and works in the Shenandoah Valley.